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Select one of the following script guides:

Script 1:

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Nǐn hǎo, namaste, thank you for tuning into Film Makers League podcast dedicated to film makers and content creators across the globe. We are here today to discuss all things film making and videography to inspire you to take your creativity to the next level… To learn more please visit our website….. and nooooowwww heres your HOST!!!…

Script 2:

Welcome to Filmmakers League, the future of collaboration and support for content creators across the globe. Level up with our collection of tips, tricks and tools to set you apart and on the path to glory. Here’s our award winning filmmaker host, Rah Sharma, who will take FML out of your life and put you in the league where you belong. Today’s episode is about..

Script 3:

Welcome to the filmmakers league podcast. We want to personally welcome and thank you for joining us today. Glad that you’re here because this podcast is designed for you, our filmmakers league live community and now here’s your host..

We have a curated list of music playlists to choose from our FML library. Check out the link below to download music from there or upload your own music to go with the script.

Download Music

Now its very simple 🙂

You are the producer for FML Podcast that we’re launching down the track. Create what you believe your vision would be for Filmmakers League Podcast.

  1. You have all your downloaded materials.
  2. You have your choices to either record your own voice or use AI such as
  3. Product your audio track the way you like it.
  4. Produce 15 – 30 second intro.

Finally, upload your track before the 14th Oct 2021 to be in the draw to win a Saramonic MV2000 USB C Studio Microphone.


Key takeaways

In partnership with Saramonic Australia

In collaboration with the launch of Saramonic Australia, we proudly announce the Podcast Contest to celebrate top notch audio gear by Saramonic.

This contest aims to bring together all you sound enthusiasts with their immense creativity to record and make something absolutely worthwhile for FML.

FML Podcasts shall be launching soon and we would love to give an opportunity to you to record your own version of an FML intro. The winner’s audio file shall be chosen to be the official intro for all FML podcasts with due credit given.

Winner also gets a SR-MV2000 USP Condenser microphone and SR-BH600 noise cancellation headphones.

Contest Draw