Crane 2S – 3 Axis Camera Gimbal (PRO KIT)


Zhiyun Crane 2S 3 Axis Camera Gimbal PRO KIT

Item Description: Experience a smoothness like no other with the Zhiyun Crane 2-S 3 Axis Camera Gimbal. Boasting newly improved and innovative features, this is a gimbal that promised to deliver the utmost in quality and results. With an extremely high load capacity and modular design, the Crane 2S performs in the most challenging of scenarios.



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    • Versatile Shooting Modes. Reliable Locking System. Image Transmitter Slot. Digital Focus Control. Mechanical Focus Control. TransMount Image Transmission System.Large Payload. Six Gimbal Modes. Three Additional 18650 Lithium (2600mAh) Batteries. Dual Handle Grip
    • Efficient and Versatile: This gimbal serves all your videography and filming needs in one, meaning you no longer have to switch between gimbals. With highly optimised motor control algorithms and motor power, the Crane S2 is capable of handling large, weighty cameras like the BMPCC 6K, Panasonic S1H, Canon EOS 1Dx Mark II and the Nikon D850 without a worry. You can additionally mount a number of accessories to it.With a newly developed FlexMount System, which allows you to easily set-up your camera, that is secured with a double safety mechanism. For added flexibility, the safety lock has an adjustable tightness feature to suit specific shooting needs.Additionally, the Crane 2S is equipped with a vertical quick release and a safety knob for superior quality vertical shooting.
    • Dedicated Image Transmitter Slot Designed for large work loads that require teamwork, the gimbal is fitted with a slot to install an image transmission transmitter. With multiple mounting points available for versatility, you can let your creativity take control. It features one 1/4? screw hole on the back of the quick release plate, two 1/4? screw holes with crown gear and one 3/8? screw hole.
    • Innovative Design Featuring an upgraded built-in focus wheel and focus motors that offer film-grade focus control, you?ll never miss a shot with the ultra-precise movements of the gimbal. Teamed with the TransMount Image Transmission System, it is now possible to focus and zoom while you live monitor the footage.With a newly designed OLED screen, you now have far more vision and can more efficiently use the menu and swap between modes.
    • Choose Your Mode With six gimbal modes, from basic to advanced, you can effortlessly experience a range of pre-loaded creative options. These include Pan Following, Locking, Following, Full-Range POV, Vortex and Go Mode.To add to this creativity, advanced cinematic features like Panorama, Timelapse, Motionlapse and Long Exposure Timelapse.
    • With multiple thread holes of different sizes provided in stabilizer, CRANE 2S has cross-compatibility for a wide range of accessories such as motorized dolly, jib, cable cam, Easyrig, satisfying various challenging shooting tasks.

    What’s in the box

    • Zhiyun Crane 2-S 3 Axis Camera Gimbal.
    • USB Type-C Cable.
    • 18650 x3 Charger.
    • 18650 Lithium Battery (2600mAh) x6.
    • CRANE 2S Sling Grip Handle?EX1A05).
    • TransMount CRANE 2S DualCam Extension Module (EX1B06).
    • TransMount Image Transmission Transmitter2.0(COV-03).
    • TransMount Phone Holder with Crown Gear(EX1E01).
    • TransMount Focus/Zoom Control Motor 2.0(CMF-06).
    • User Guide


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