• Allow groups and private messages to upload attachments.

    Extensions: pdf, jpg, jpeg, mp3, pdf, png, mp4 

    Upload Limit:  30mb

  • Create & Manage Groups

    FML Members & FML Creators are now able to create groups:

    – Public
    – Private
    – Hidden

  • Live Chat on whatsapp.

    You can now contact us directly via whatsapp chat. Simple click on the message button on bottom left of your screen and select whatsapp.

  • Members are able to upload photo & video.

  • Zoom Integration with Groups.

    Members now can create zoom meetings with groups once off and recurring. 

  • Job Management System.

    Members now have the option to post and apply to jobs database. You can find the on header under Find & Post Jobs.

  • Show on-screen notification.

    Live notifications are displayed.

  • FML Coins Implementation.

    Filmmakers League now has FML Coins enabling members to collect points and redeem at later date for Digital Downloads, Online Courses, Update of Features and much more in Development right now.
  • Update FML Platform for Mobile Experience.
  • Launch FML Moments Photo Contest Platform.
  • Integration to FML Moments Video Contest.
  • Enable further controls to have meeting with your Zoom Account on FML Groups.
  • Live load private messages.
  • Send web push notifications.
  • FML Podcast
  • FML Store to allow users to buy Selected Deals including FML Apple Box through Members Panel.
  • Members to collaborate and sell Digital Assets on FML Store.
  • User social accounts to Login & Register on Filmmakers League.
  • Allow members to edit comments.
  • User #Hashtags in activity post and comments anywhere on FML platform.
  • Customize Members Profile URL’s
  • Allow members to Post Blog Post
  • Dark mode for the FML. Members will be able to choose Dark or Light Mode for their preference.
  • Improve registration experience with step by step profile completion.
  • Pin post on top of Activity Feed
  • Allow FML members to share post in their feed.
  • Allow members to be FML verified.